5 Reasons your app sucks

Feb 08, 2020 articles, code

You don’t have a desktop/website version of your app but yet you make me create an account to access your content. So I can not login on my computer to access your content. (5 Mile app this one’s for you!) I can’t export my data. You have no feature to export all my data I […]


2020 the real Google mobilegeddon

Jan 25, 2020 articles, responsive design, seo
Google Official Mobilegeddon

Back in 2015 the internet was in a panic! Google had announced that it was going to factor in whether your site was mobile friendly as a ranking factor. This left website owners struggling to try and meet the deadline and get a mobile friendly version of their website up. It was a big cash […]


Favicon is now a SEO factor

Jan 18, 2020 articles, seo
Favicon is now a SEO factor

*Update: After much criticism from the community Google has removed the favicon from their search results for now. But in an ever evolving SEO world Google can make really bad decisions that affect your website’s SEO and the below is a case that almost played out!! Google has finally rolled out their experimental layout of […]


How to remove favicon in Google Search

Dec 09, 2019 articles, code, seo
Remove Favicon from Google Search

====Update 2023==== Google favicons are back. Yuck! Use this selector in Adblocker Plus to hide favicons from Google. (follow the guide below but switch out with the selector below) ================= Annoying little Google! I just noticed when using Google to search it shows all these annoying and mostly ugly favicons next to the url in […]


How to rank your Wix website

Dec 05, 2019 articles, seo
How to rank Wix with SEO

Ranking your Wix website aka Wix SEO. How do you do it? Simple, ditch the Wix! Wix is not SEO friendly, it never has been and probably never will be. It would have to completely redevelop how the platform works. There is a lot of hype around Wix SEO, I have even seen companies offering […]


1999, huh?

Oct 27, 2019 articles

So I just found out my laptop I bought refurbished in 2014 has a 1999 wifi card. WTF! It’s true. I have a laptop I bought way back when, refurbished for like $200. At the time it had windows 8 and a very good PC brand I have always favored Gateway. Yes, Gateway went out […]


The only 2 settings for securing WP Admin

Aug 12, 2019 wordpress

These are the only two settings you need to secure your wp-admin from hackers trying to log into your site. First download iThemes Security Plugin, don’t worry its free! Next go to the settings page. Click on the Advanced link top right. And configure Hide Backend. Then setup what you want the “hidden” url to […]


Atom Custom File Type Detection

Mar 12, 2019 code, OpenCart, web design

In this example I will show you how you can set OpenCart’s .tpl file extension to read as PHP when opening in Atom Editor. Open your config.cson file. Underneath core: add: text.html.php is the “source” and the tpl is the file extension. Now when you open a .tpl file it will read as a PHP […]


Gulp, SCSS and WordPress

Feb 08, 2019 code, web design, wordpress

Ive been using gulp and live reload for many years now. It’s super efficient. Gulp, SCSS aka (sass) and WordPress can be a bit tricky though. Mostly because the typical SCSS structure is to put the final files in directories that aren’t necessarily WordPress friendly or WordPress structured. Also if you are trying to compress […]


How to Widen Gutenberg Editor

Dec 14, 2018 wordpress

The default width of Gutenberg is quite narrow. Not sure the logic behind this. Here is a quick way to make it a standard monitor width. In your function.php drop this code: Then create a folder called css in your theme directory then create gutenberg.css That’s it now a width that isn’t so small! And […]