WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

May 19, 2018 code, wordpress

WordPress.org is an open-source content management system (CMS) that provides users with complete control and flexibility over their website. It is often referred to as self-hosted WordPress because users are required to obtain their own domain name and web hosting in order to use it. Here are some key points to understand about WordPress.org: WordPress.com […]


Change State Name to Postal Abbreviation in WooCommerce

Mar 29, 2018 articles, code, WooCommerce

Changing the states names to abbreviations in Woocommerce is pretty easy. There are a couple references online that tell you how to do this but they don’t actually supply the whole list of states in their sample. This is for US states based on WooCoomerce 3.3.4, but should work for older versions. You can file […]


WP-CLI inside Docker container

Feb 25, 2018 articles, wordpress

So running wp-cli inside docker gives you a warning that you are running as root. For me I am running docker locally as a development server and running as root isn’t a concern as I am on a private secure network and it’s purely local development. So the default setup for Docker is to run […]


CR2 File format fix – Adobe Bridge & Photoshop CS4 on Mac

Oct 07, 2017 articles, photography

Two whole days to work out a fix for Adobe Bridge not previewing my camera raw extension on my Canon 7D. I just recently switched form PC to Mac and had to buy a whole new version of Photoshop. CS4 is old but still works great! I don’t really believe in the cloud model of […]


Remove meta-generator tags from WordPress using PHP

Feb 23, 2017 articles, code

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS on the web today. But there are a few really bad practices that both WordPress core and plugin developers have, which is putting the version number of their software in the html code. With the ever growing vulnerability database that is WordPress, please stop helping people with […]


Register.com is over priced and bad customer service

Feb 09, 2017 articles

I typically buy my domains through GoDaddy but use a variety of different hosts. I have one domain that I was testing out the website and so I didn’t really want to spend the $12-$14 that a domain typically costs. Register.com was running a “special” I could get the domain for $2. What a deal, […]


Google Auto Suggest

Jul 12, 2016 articles

For the love of God Google, stop finishing my sentences! Is anyone else annoyed that when you type something on Chrome into Google’s search bar it will put extra words at the end? Google is so arrogant these days, thinking it knows whats best for the internet and it’s users. Take the whole mobilegeddon thing […]


How I survived Mobilegeddon

Jun 23, 2016 articles, seo

It’s been 1 year 2 months and 2 days since Google announced it was going to rank websites that were responsive better than websites that weren’t responsive in their mobile search index. Tons of people were freaking out about this and coined the term Mobilegeddon. There was so much hype and I even got scare […]


WooCommerce Bulk Edit Sold Individually

Mar 15, 2016 articles, wordpress

MySQL way to bulk edit Sold Individually. So I had imported about 200 products into WooCommerce and accidentally set all of them to the sold individually setting. Now instead of re-uploading them via the spreadsheet I decided I would just use MySQL to edit the settings that way. It took more like 20-30 minutes to […]


Backup Buddy on GoDaddy hosting

Feb 08, 2016 code, wordpress

So I have a few hosting accounts with various companies. Plus I have had many clients with all kinds of hosting accounts. I do love GoDaddy’s customer support, and their hosting is generally a little more affordable than most as they are consistently running specials. But the one bad thing is that Backup Buddy doesn’t […]